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  1. Anonymous

    tom smith in charge of terror

    Well well it seems that another Mayo Adminstrator went to the graveyard of Mayo incompetence.This time Tom Smith might be holding the executioners axe for the county. Mr. Smith has terrorized most of the employess under him using his power and anger to climb to the top of the MAYOannoise jar. Did the FBI not check out this person’s history? He fired one of my friends with a broken leg because she had a break down cause by an abusive marriage. The law protects the vulnerable. Just a few seconds in Mr. SMith’s presence is enought to see that he has problems with power and emotional stability. He was known to only hire blondes..that he could date. He is not a warm and fuzzy man and the compassion for humankind is well. Mr. SMith has been known to hold Kangaroo court meetings with other Mayo management genres where Mayo employees are put under a hot light bulb and abused for hours. Sad

  2. Anonymous

    If you ever want to know anything about an employee of Mayo or a Spring Valey Resident get ahold of someone with the initials of JMR. She knows about everything. That’s why we call her the mouth of Mayo and the walking newspaper in Spring Valley!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Mother Mayo’s P.R. Magic???

    Anyone who has worked for Mother Mayo for a while knows what slimeballs they really are. So by what sleight of hand does Mother Mayo’s public relations department manage to get the Mayo Clinic listed in the best 100 U.S. companies to work for??

  4. Anonymous

    hand picked employees to fill out the questionaires!

    That’s simple, they hand pick the employees who get the questionaires. Pretty simple to get high up on the ladder when you pick the employees with the brownest noses, don’t you think?

  5. Anonymous

    I always wondered how they made the list too. MCJ was the most horrifying employer that I have ever had.

  6. Anonymous

    That’s pretty smart – I hadn’t thought of that. But surely Fortune Magazine aren’t that stupid? Is it a Time-Warner company? I wonder if Mother Mayo spends any advertising with them? If they do it would answer the question
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  7. Anonymous

    Need good labor attorney

    If you know of a good labor attorney that has been successful against Mother Mayo, then please post it here. I’m in dire need of one, and it seems that all the Rochester attorneys are bought off or Mayo supportive.
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  8. Anonymous

    Try a LaCrosse lawyer. Many of them can also practice law in MN.

  9. Anonymous

    If you ever want to know anything about an employee of Mayo or a Spring Valey Resident get ahold of someone with the initials of JMR. She

  10. Anonymous

    Age descrimination for RN’s. Be careful…once you have over twenty years at Mayo they are looking at how to get you out and get a new, young nurse to replace you. They don’t want to pay someone who is at the top of the payscale and if you have had any medical issues you really have a target on your back. I had perfect performance reviews for over twenty years and went to work one day after being off for a few weeks after having hand surgery and was fired. I couldn’t find any lawyers who would go up against Mayo Clinic. Look around and see how many nurses over 50 years old you see…..not too many anymore.

    Glad to be working somewhere else and work somewhere I’m proud of, that provides excellent patient care.

  11. Anonymous

    How is it that the 20 year target is not getting attention from anyone? I have personally seen this in many different Mayo facilities, not sure if this is the way they are funding the pension shortfall, but this is truly illegal, and more employees need to band together to file a group lawsuit.

  12. Anonymous

    I agree we need to get all of us and make group law suit

  13. Anonymous

    I currently work at mayo clinic, have been there a year and a half and cannot wait to get out. Worst company I have ever worked for. The way they treat their employees is disgusting.
    A famous line of employees at mayo clinic: “you can love mayo clinic but mayo clinic will never love you back.”

  14. Anonymous

    I worked there for 5 years. Ironically, the floor admin hired a friend to be the floor supervisor. The DRS hated her! Started coming to me for everything. So she lied and said that I had cancelled a patients appointment on another floor, causing him to get ill and fired me. BUT THE PROCEDURE WAS TO CXL those appts (without booking) as THAT FLOOR BOOKED THEIR own appointments! She just needed a way to get rid of me and make her stop looking bad. Best part was the day she put her hands around my throat from behind while I was talking to another employee. So so so glad I dont work there anymore. Worst years of my life!

  15. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, as a recently resigned former employee, I can only agree with much of what has been stated here. I began my career at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, nearly 9 years ago. I began with so much excitement and enthusiasm. My family has working ties with the founding Mayo family and my grandmother was a benefactor. I grew up with the stories of the Mayo brothers, the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, and the amazing family of health care providers that evolved into the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Nine years ago, I had no reason to believe that the institution by which I had just become employed was anything but spectacular. I took a significant cut in pay, to obtain a position at Mayo with “benefits” for my family, which we lacked at the time, as I was recently widowed with young children and forced into the “breadwinner” role. Had I known then, what I know now, I’d have spent that pay cut to purchase health care coverage and continued to enjoy my previous nursing position!

    Please take note that I am speaking of only 9 years of personal experience as a Mayo Clinic employee. Others have endured much worse, for a much longer period of time! During my nine years I experienced workplace harassment/bullying from my immediate supervisor(s) and department physicians that led to incredible anxiety, depression and eventual hospitalization. At one point, I was forced to sign a form acknowledging that I had made an error 4 months prior, to which I’d never previously been told of or been questioned about… an error which would normally be addressed within days of an occurance. I now know that it never happened and other coworkers were experiencing similar disciplinary actions without cause, to force us out or thin the population of LPNs. These tactics caused what we now refer to as “the time of mass exodus”. Later, after being hospitalized and expending all FMLA, I was forced to reduce my FTE to preserve my position and sanity. At one time, I was trained into a new position for which I was to receive higher pay. When I realized that my pay had not yet been increased and that a pay raise I had noted was, in fact, only an annual standard of living wage increase, I approached HR. After a meeting with the notorious supervisor and our HR service partner (who supervisor is friends with and photographed with on Facebook), it was determined that my training module had not yet been “signed off” by my supervisor, which would have initiated my pay increase over a year prior. So, it was determined that I was competent to practice in the new role alone (without a training preceptor) for over a year, but not having a signature on a piece of paper stating that my training was in fact, complete, kept me from receiving back pay… Ok, I accepted responsibility for not following through and submitting an informal training packet, but I know that this was not an institutional standard and was handled that way due to the supervisor and HR Rep’s out of the workplace relationship. Additionally, I was forced to work for and cater to infantile and narcissistic Physicians who treated allied health staff like incompetent children. I witnessed and reported several occurances of patient safety concerns and experienced the managerial backlash for doing so, to which management went to great lengths to sweep under the rug. There was little consistency or dependability with supervisor follow through, no matter what the issue. I was belittled and felt “dumbed down”. I was forced to work under conditions that were unsafe for myself, caused me physical injury and put patients at risk. I witnessed and reported inappropriate handling of tissue specimens, errors in documentation, and unhygienic handling of equipment involved in invasive patient procedures, for which I observed no significant policy changes enforced to prevent further occurances. I eventually became so absolutely disgusted with not only my immediate department, but with the institution as a whole. I have never been happier than the day I gave resignation! Day after day of feeling that I was a patient factory line worker- gone! Day after day of witnessing suboptimal care-gone! Day after day of watching the Mayo Brother’s creation be crushed by the profit mongering leadership of today- gone! I have not yet mentioned the suboptimal care that I myself received as a post-op patient, the lack of continuity, lack of communication between department care providers, or an incidence of breech of confidentiality by another employee of my protected health information, that I complained of and was never addressed. I’m not at all surprised by others’ comments here. I’m just especially thankful that I had the opportunity to resign and choose better for myself. That I wasn’t unjustly fired as some have described, after many years of service.

  16. Anonymous

    Minnesota Law clearly states blacklisting as:


    Minn. Stat. Ann. § 179.60

    Combining or conferring with another or other employers to interfere with or prevent a person from obtaining employment.

    Using threats, promises, blacklists, or any other means to get someone fired.

    Blacklisting any discharged employee.

    Verbally or in writing attempting to prevent a former employee from obtaining employment elsewhere.