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Patient experiences on how to survive the Mayo Clinic.

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  1. Anonymous

    And what happened to “The Mayo nearly killed me” thread?

    Where did it go? It was getting interesting.

  2. Anonymous

    What was “The Mayo Nearly Killed Me” thread all about?

  3. Anonymous

    Same old Mother Mayo muck! You can read about it at

  4. Anonymous

    More eyeballs! CNN’s iReport repeated it yet again earlier this week. Here’s the link:

  5. Anonymous

    Mayo did kill me no one can explain why I am alive – they refer to me as lazareth

    We are all TRUSTING people, especially of Mayo doctors, and to find DOCUMENTED & FACTUAL medical records that completely contradict everything we were verbally told to our face – is NOT acceptable.
    WHAT WOULD YOU THINK if you were told in a Mayo Clinic ER you were in an advanced stage of kidney cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and lungs. Then see “PRESSUMED TRANSITIONAL CANCER” and only “RENAL MASS” on your medical records.
    Remember, the facts are:
    I have no left kidney and all associated parts.
    BUT, I am a SURVIVOR of Septic shock, organ and resp failure, spent 20+ days on life support/ventalator 3 months in Mayo. Then rec’d registered letter refusing to treat me as of 4/30/2010, because I ask questions and wanted to understand al that had happened to me. Well this is the only Dr we were allowed to see from Urology.
    Please excuse the background noise, and my tone. I think anyone hearing what I heard would be upset an mad. I really need to share my experience so your are NOT THE NEXT VICTIM. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PATIENT TO BE TOLD – We need to speak up. Michael & Georjean Parrish
    copy and paste in browser line

  6. Anonymous

    The Mayo Clinic is all about money. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.

  7. Anonymous

    Yep, for confirmation go look at:

  8. Anonymous

    So sad a hospital of this level has secrets they try to bury….

  9. Anonymous

    I would like to cancel my mayo diet account. I no longer wish to continue with the Mayo Clinic Diet plan!!!! You make it so hard to reach your company to take care of this thing.

  10. Anonymous

    Everyone that goes to mayo. Lookup Candida yeast infection and how mayo says it is quackery. Try antifungal herbs by googling it and open your eyes. They dont care, they want us to get cancer and disease to treat symptomss with dangerous chemicals.

  11. Anonymous

    Just remember, doctors can always “bury” their mistakes.

  12. Anonymous

    I will NEVER subject myself to these arragont pompous assholes. They hide their mistakes. Tell you one thing over the phone and in the file….YOUR file is something TOTALLY different. Overated Overbrearing and overpriced. Surgeon made a mistake covered it up and now I am in more pain then ever!!! You call for help and guidance and they humiliate you and insult your intelligence. Trust me there are much better places for care. I wish I would have never went there.

  13. Anonymous

    My wife and I moved to Rochester, MN in October of 2010 after I retired from the Navy. She had been on pain medication through the Navy health system for chronic pain which she still has to this day. She found a doctor shortly after we arrived in Rochester with the Mayo Clinic. At first we were excited since all you hear are great things about Mayo. Her doctor wanted to get her off pain medication, so about six months after we arrived she went to their pain rehab clinic and was completely off the meds. However, she was still in pain and about two months later had brain surgery to repair an aneurysm. She was on pain meds after the surgery, but they didn’t keep her off. After going through pain rehab, THEY PUT HER BACK ON PAIN MEDICATION!!! Fast forward about five years. Her former primary care doctor was trying to slowly ween her off the pain meds by lowering her dosage every month. My wife was not happy about this, but she knew that there wasn’t an alternative. She and her doctor did not get along and I had been to a couple of her appts with her and her doctor was not very good. No bedside manner, did not seem to care for her welfare. I decided I needed to go with her to more of her appts to try to help advocate for her. So, she was scheduled to see her doctor on October 3rd and I went with her. After waiting for a while a different doctor comes in and hand us a letter and tell us that the primary care clinic didn’t think they could provide my wife with treatment anymore and they were basically washing their hands of the problem. Needless to say we were both in shock. There was no warning of this and now my wife has no doctor. She has tried to go to another hospital, but the doctor she saw there said that she didn’t want to treat her after reading the notes in her record from Mayo, which basically said that my wife is a drug addict and is just seeking prescriptions when there is really nothing wrong with her. So Mayo just basically blacklisted my wife and now we have to try to get the notes taken out of her record. No one at Mayo has shown any interest in helping us since this happened. They would rather turn there back on a patient in need because they think all she wants is pain meds when they are the ones who put her BACK ON THE PAIN MEDS! It’s a problem they created and instead of working to fix it, they decide it’s too hard. Mayo is way overrated! Their specialties are great, but if you have to go there for primary care, RUN!