Whistleblower’s Report

Here is a safe place to report violations of federal, state, and local laws; violation of the code of ethics and heinous acts of a corrupted and arrogant administration.

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  1. Anonymous

    Big money –> Greed
    Greed –> Corrupt
    Corrupted system – no matter how high tech or advanced -> last place to get healthcare!!
    I worked for 15yrs as an independent contractor within the Mayo system and will tell you that they don’t give a hoot about their patients. ALL they care about is $$$$$

  2. Anonymous

    Mayo Fined $6.5 Million



    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Mayo Foundation, parent organization of the Mayo Clinic, has paid the United States $6.5 million to resolve allegations that it charged the government under federal grants for research costs unrelated to the research projects sponsored by those grants, the Justice Department and the United States Attorney from Minnesota announced today.

    The Rochester, Minnesota-based foundation receives hundreds of grants each year from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies, each grant covering a distinct research project. The Mayo Foundation may charge the government only for costs related to the specific research covered by the grant. This requirement allows the government to control the use of its research funds and protects taxpayers from waste and abuse.

    Today settlement demonstrates our commitment to vigorously pursue allegations of fraud and abuse in federal grant programs said Peter D. Keisler, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. All recipients of federal grants must comply with the restrictions placed on the use of that grant money.

    The settlement resolves allegations that Mayo wrongly charged the government by including on underspent grants research costs incurred on overspent grants and internal Mayo cost centers. As a result, the government contended, the United States paid Mayo more under the grants than Mayo was entitled to receive. The governments investigation showed not only improperly transferred expenses, but also that Mayo had an accounting system unable to monitor and manage charges made to federal grant awards in the manner required by federal law.

    The settlement resolves a whistleblower lawsuit filed against Mayo by Christine Long, an accounting associate in Mayo’s research accounting department. Under the qui tam or whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act, a private party can file an action on behalf of the U.S. and receive a portion of the settlement if the government reaches a monetary agreement with the defendant. As a result of today’s settlement, Ms. Long will receive $1.3 million.

    Government supported medical research, free from fraud and abuse, is in the best financial and public health interest of the United States, said U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger.This settlement makes clear that all medical researchers, regardless of size and experience, must comply with regulations designed to protect precious federal medical research funds.

    Biomedical research institutions currently receive about $20 billion in NIH funding, said Daniel R. Levinson, Acting HHS Inspector General.Making certain that funds are appropriately charged is crucial to saving taxpayer money.

    The case was jointly handled by the Justice Department’s Civil Division and the United States Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in collaboration with the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of the NIH Legal Advisor, and the Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration at NIH.

  3. Anonymous

    They got off easy

    they got off easy. It was more like 60 to 100 million that the marble mother stole from us. I talked to a lawyer who was involved for a while and he said Mayo “stood like a tomb stone over the graves of their fraud and the the government just had to finally give up”. I still hear rumors that they are doing the same fraud in a complex system designed to bury the evidence where no-one will find it. The more ‘compartments’ and ‘shifting’ the less any one employee knows. No wonder there are more and more dunderheads in administration.
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  4. Anonymous


    We are all TRUSTING people, especially of Mayo doctors, and to find DOCUMENTED & FACTUAL medical records that completely contradict everything we were verbally told to our face – is NOT acceptable.
    WHAT WOULD YOU THINK if you were told in a Mayo Clinic ER you were in an advanced stage of kidney cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and lungs. Then see “PRESSUMED TRANSITIONAL CANCER” and only “RENAL MASS” on your medical records.
    Remember, the facts are:
    I have no left kidney and all associated parts.
    BUT, I am a SURVIVOR of Septic shock, organ and resp failure, spent 20+ days on life support/ventalator 3 months in Mayo. Then rec’d registered letter refusing to treat me as of 4/30/2010, because I ask questions and wanted to understand al that had happened to me. Well this is the only Dr we were allowed to see from Urology.
    Please excuse the background noise, and my tone. I think anyone hearing what I heard would be upset an mad. I really need to share my experience so your are NOT THE NEXT VICTIM. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PATIENT TO BE TOLD – We need to speak up. Michael & Georjean Parrish
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  5. Anonymous

    I fortunately have found all my info

    I have stayed a step ahead and whay urology is doing id criminal. I can prove it I have all the factual audit trail. Yes, I am that good i can find anything/everything in a mhr/ehr system.
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  6. Anonymous

    I was a patient at the Mayo Clinic ‘World Headquarters’ in Rochester MN for nearly three years, and have NOTHING to show for it but bad memories and solid regrets of having wasted so much time with them.

    First and foremost, Mayo Clinic is a “Teaching Hospital”. Thus, expecting quality health care from them is a bit like expecting the students at a Beauty College to get your hair style done correctly–your expectations are too high for the given circumstances.

    Moreover, if not for the mountains of private-wealth cash donations that the Mayo collects each year, they would have folded decades ago. Theirs is NOT a profitable business model and never has been.

    Mayo publicly complains about ‘the high cost of health care’, while consistently billing at dollar amounts four or five times higher than average. Not unlike the kid who mows your grass sending you a bill for ten thousand dollars, and then writing off a ‘loss’ of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars after you pay him his ten dollars.

    While I did find several well-intentioned doctors at Mayo, they were few and far between. Most were poorly-behaved, exceedingly arrogant, and clearly lacking in the basic fundamentals of being an actual Health Care Provider. Worse yet was the average Receptionist worker who behaved like a person who couldn’t get hired at a Walmart to save their life.

    With my state-sponsored Health Insurance policy, I was often dismissed as someone who was merely ‘imagining’ my health problems. After all, when the ‘teams of specialists’ at Mayo Clinic can neither diagnose or treat your conditions, where on earth would they send you? Nowhere. When they couldn’t help me, they decided I didn’t need help.

    My endocrinologist once failed to schedule my blood draw for new lab work, and then later wrote me a letter falsely accusing me of trying to dodge my lab work.

    A doctor in Sports Medicine arrived more than 45 minutes late to my one hour appointment, and later wrote falsely in my official Medical Record that -I- was the one who was 45 minutes late!

    My Physical Therapist once sat me down to show me some Optical Illusion photo of an apple sitting on top of a Chess Board–while trying to convince me that the pain from my fusing foot-joint and Bone Marrow Edema was somehow only ‘imagined pain’. Yeah, I guess imagining that same pain in my sleep is what caused me to grind my teeth while I slept.

    Throughout my time at the Mayo Clinic, I was covered by a “Zero Co-Pay” Health Insurance policy. And yet, to this day, I am still receiving bogus bills from the Mayo Clinic, claiming that I owe them money. My insurance company assures me that I owe them NOTHING, and that it is in fact illegal for the Mayo to be sending me the bills.

    Now, did you know that the Mayo Clinic has conned the government of the State of Minnesota into agreeing to pay roughly half a billion in taxpayer dollars in support of the Mayo’s private planned expansion across the City of Rochester MN, over the course of roughly 25 years?

    Mayo’s ridiculous ‘Destination Medical Center’ plan hinges entirely upon the fanciful notion of ‘build it and they will come’. Mayo plans to build, at your expense, more hotels, apartments, and restaurants–despite those which currently exist in Rochester and barely have enough revenue to stay in business as it is.

    That way, more people will move to Rochester–the globally-insignificant flyover suburb of outer Des Moines that it is–to live and work, and, uh, spend money! And that way, the government of Minnesota will one day be glad it invested so heavily in what has always been a failing private business. Or?

    Or, by the time Minnesota realizes it’s been had by the Mayo, some twenty years from now, the Mayo will have been taken over by (er, sold to) some Canadian, er British Health Care Conglomerate which will NOT be held responsible for the pipe dreams of the Mayo’s previous owners–Mayo family heirs who’ve long since disappeared to their own private luxurious islands where they can burn through their fortunes of pilfery in criminal secrecy.

    Fellow seekers of quality health care, I offer you this: IGNORE those provider groups who advertise how wonderful there are and how they care about YOU–because they don’t care about you.

    Ignore those who still pay to advertise in the actual paper ‘Phone Book’, as their health care practices are even more behind the times than are their advertising standards.

    Find yourself a provider with an intelligent, modernized website, whose Appointment Schedulers are kind and sparkly with you over the phone, and who offers you free Keurig coffee in their waiting room–those are the Doctors who DO care about you.

  7. Anonymous

    A word to the wise for all Whistleblowers herein that the first major actions of retaliation from reporting criminal conduct after you have escaped from UNCLE MAYO CLINIC–a more accurate name than MOTHER MAYO as it has been called–will come in the form of online cyberbullying and psychological manipulation and abuse. Beware of unknown PERSONS that appear to be from around the country and world connecting to you on social media and networking sites…some will help you, some will hurt you, but don’t take the time to figure out which is which.

  8. Anonymous

    Don’t bother contacting the FBI. They help cover it up.

  9. Anonymous

    Also, don’t bother with the Office of Special Counsel. Mayo Clinic or its affiliates will make sure a disability is falsified into your medical records, or will cause a real one, so that the case will get kicked from the Office of Special Counsel to the EEOC. There is a clause under the Office of Special Counsel that mandates that all cases of persons with a disability are kicked lower to the EEOC. Like a practice of inherent discrimination.