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The Inadvertent Whistleblower

The Mayo Clinic had always loomed larger than life in my growing up years in Rochester. Vague memories of when my twin brother and I got into too much aspirin as a child and of “going through the clinic” as a 4th grader over worries
about academics, melds with stark memories of my wife’s treatment for brain cancer and her physician’s offer of a home visit the night she died.
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Horror Stories

Personal stories of former Mayo Clinic staff members circulate from time to time, but are mostly forgotten as Mayo Administration moves in quickly to fire, discredit and silence any “troublemaker” who dares object to Mayo’s version of benevolent wisdom.

Employee Discussions

A safe place for employees to vent thier frustrations against mother Mayo.

Patient Discussion

Patient experiences on how to survive the Mayo Clinic.

Whistleblower’s Report

Here is a safe place to report violations of federal, state, and local laws; violation of the code of ethics and heinous acts of a corrupted and arrogant administration.

Mayo Watch

These are real stories from people like you, interested in improving life at Mayo Clinic. They were published to this page unedited and unfiltered by Mayo-friendly media. The Mayonnaise, which Mayo’s Department of “External Relations” spreads liberally over every story, to make it NICE, sweet smelling and palatable to the public, has been scrubbed off to provide you with a more balanced picture of life at Mayo Clinic.